Welcome to the hotel 13
Season 1, Episode 001
Episode 1 - Welcome to the hotel 13
First radiation 03rd September 2012
Author Gert Verhulst

Hans Bourlon

Director Dennis Bots

Patrick Schlosser


The Diva
Tom and Anna come at the same time at the hotel 13 and become acquainted. Immediately it seems to broadcast with the both, however, there is a problem: Both want to work as a Ferienjobber, indeed, there is only one place. They are competitors.

Tom still has a confidential aim: He wants to find the room 13. Since eight years ago Tom has found a postcard which asks him to come too exactly of this time to exactly this hotel and to look for the room. Somewhat stands on the card even of a thing “on lives and death.” At night Tom begins his search. When he comes to the place where room 13 should be he sees nothing …