Vincent Evermore
Vincent Evermore
Actor: Willy Seidel
Dutch Voice: -
Appearance: Episode 26 - Episode 30
Age: 50
Gender: male
Eyecolor: blue
Haircolor: white-grey
Relationships: -
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Vincent Evermore is the best magician of the world and the idol of Flo.


To thank Flo, Victoria invites Vincent Evermore to the hotel 13. Flo is inspired and be tried to inspire idol. Vincent Evermore gives Flo Tipps and sells a book to him, so that Flo can learn to do magic. Immediately, Flo tries to try out a trick after the other. However, these do not work. Only in the appearance of Vincent Evermore the trick works. Later Flo tries him again and by chance it works. Flo he thinks his friends has spirited away. He seeks advice from Vincent Evermore and diesr it confesses to him no magic gives. Later Tom, Anna and Liv appear again.