Ruth Melle
Actress: Ilka Teichmüller
Dutch Voice: Hildegard van Nijlen
Age: 45
Gender: female
Height: 1,58 m
Eye color: green-brown
Hair color: brown
Relationships: Single

Pictures of Ruth Melle

Facts about Ruth

  • She has mistaken a guest for Johnny Depp some years ago and has asked him for an autograph
  • Ruth visits incessantly dance courses, in hope to hit there on her man of dreams
  • She is afraid of Friday, 13. (for it there is also a name: Paraskavedekatriaphobie)
  • She is the unofficial German master craftswoman in the „town country to river plays“
  • She takes part regularly in prize competition (up to now the biggest profits: Yoga week-end, electric bicycle, grain mill)