Robert Leopold
Robert Leopold
Actor: Peter Nottmeier
Dutch Voice: Just Meijer
Appearance: 29 - 72
Gender: male
Eyecolor: blue
Haircolor: brown
Relationships: -
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Robert Leopold is the father of Paul Leopold and founder of the hotel 13.


By the construction of the hotel 13, he lets hidden build the room 13. There Magellan should build his machine.

Several paints he wants this selling, however, Magellan does not agree with it. Behind the back Magellans he finds Winston as a buyer for the machine. This pays a high sum without knowing for which. Robert often enquires after the completion of the machine. However, Magellan does not explain to him every time them yet is ready. When Robert finds then the paper of a chocolate bar from 2013, show he the Magellan him lies.

He asks Mister X around to the architect's plans of the machine to reach, while Magellan is abroad. As a Magellan comes again he shows to Robert the time regulator and explains like he functions. Mr. Leopold uses this opportunity and sends Magellan 85 years in the past.

He hides the time regulator at a confidential place. When he notices Anna him has pursued, he holds on her and tries to question her. Besides, both are started by the mysterious coachman. Besides, Robert Leopold dies.