Maurice Ravel
Maurice Ravel
Actor: -
Appearance: Episode 34 - Episode 35
Gender: male
Eyecolor: brown
Haircolor: grey
Relationships: -
Pictures of Maurice Ravel

Maurice Ravel was a great musician, he wrote, for example, the Bolero.


Anna is cock-a-hoop when she finds out that Maurice Ravel plays in 1927 at the hotel 13. When Liv wants to know who was Ravel told Anna to her of the Bolero, the best known piece of Ravel. Then at the bar in 1927 Liv hits unconsciously on Maurice Ravel and hums to him the Bolero before. However, nobody knew the Ravel the piece still not at all had written and thus Liv became the muse of Maurice Ravel.


Maurice Ravel lived from the 07th of March, 1875 to the 28th of December, 1937 and was a French composer.