Elias Mozzarella
Elias Mozzarella
Actor: -
Dutch Voice: Finn Poncin
Appearance: Episode 36
Episode 40
Age: 16
Gender: male
Eyecolor: brown
Relationships: -
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Elias Mozzarella is an important restaurant critic.


Elias Mozzarella announced himself at the hotel 13. Lenny is beside oneself with joy as him this gets to know. Immediately he caught in himself thought to make what he should cook. He decided for "fusion". When ausversehen the cookbook breaks, he improvises. This arrives goes down well with all other niht thus. Lenny is sad and wants to give notice. This wants to prevent Flo. Together with Victoria he builds up Lenny mentally again. Together they make "Lennys cannon balls". They serve them to Elias Mozzarella and he is inspired.