Brandon Goodman
Brandon Goodman
Actor: Rick Mackenbach
Dutch Voice: Stephan der Kinderen
Appearance: Episode 21 - Episode 25
Age: 20
Gender: male
Eyecolor: brown
Haircolor: blond
Relationships: -
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Brandon Goodman is a young, famous and self-confident actor. He is known for his role as a vampire.


Brandon checks in in the hotel 13 to get some rest of his trick. Not to be recognised he checks in under the name "Jackson ". Above all, Liv and Victoria want in leg printing.

Brandon explains to Jack this the hotel in his film (Vampire in the Dämerung |||) it should be turned, because of danger-building unsafe was closed. So these scenes should be turned at the hotel 13 and in addition an actress is still searched. This seems the chance for Liv and Victoria.