Amalia Hennings
Mrs. Hennings
Actress: Alice Toen
Dutch Voice: Alice Toen
Appearance: Episode 2 - ...
Age: 100
Gender: female
Eyecolor: green
Haircolor: grey
Relationships: -
Pictures of Amalia Hennings

Amalia Hennings is the aunt of Richard Leopold.

In the truth, she is actually the old Anna Jung.


She sits in the wheel chair and ordinarily speaks with nobody. When room 13 appears, it rolls up to the door. When Tom and Anna they see, she says miteinmal "Tom". Since that time Tom tries to approach by her information. However, she does not speak. Only when she is again alone she says "room 13 there is".

She actually Anna, because since Anna currently had amnesia and stayed in the past, and her present her meet herself as "Amalia Hennings", which created a paradox in the present time.